Pick Your Battles

I’ll be the first one to admit that I yell a lot at my practices. I run a tight ship. I have a lot to get done in very little time, so I don’t have time for goofing off and playing games. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m mean to the girls or never let them have fun… but when they’re having fun, you better believe that it’s productive fun and not just horsing around.
Most of my cheerleaders understand this. The ones that are dedicated to cheer and want to do well prefer that practice be this way. But then there are the others…

I have 3 girls who refuse to pay attention. I talked to them. I talked to their parents. I had their parents sit in on practice in the hope that their presence would encourage their daughters to stay on task. I made them run when they didn’t pay attention. I tried using incentives when they did pay attention. I tried to engage them by making things more fun. Nothing worked. Nothing.

So, I yelled. And then I yelled some more. And then I gave up. If they aren’t going to try, why should I? If they don’t care if they’re terrible, then why should I stress about it? Though I would never in a million years let it show to them, I have given up on them. Maybe they’ll come around in a few years… but for now, it’s a lost cause. Though it may sound mean, I honestly don’t care, because I sleep more soundly at night now that I’m not worrying about ways to make them care.


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