The Age Old Debate – Is Cheerleading a Sport?

I love when people tell me that cheerleading isn’t a sport. Now, I’m not one of those crazies that will freak out about it, but I will probably tell you that you’re an idiot and invite you to sit in on one of my practices so that I can prove you wrong.

I think that when many people think of cheerleading, they think of this:

Well, my friends, that’s sideline cheerleading, and I would agree that that is NOT a sport. What IS a sport, is this:

That’s competitive cheerleading, and it IS a sport—whether or not you’d like to admit it. Let’s just look at a few of the things competitive cheerleaders do that should make it clear that it’s a sport.

#1. Stunting. I know I’m a little biased… but really, you can’t tell me that an activity that requires you to throw your teammate 20 feet in the air shouldn’t count as a sport. This obviously requires amazing strength, technique,  and teamwork.

#2. Tumbling. Hello, gymnastics is a sport . . . and I don’t think that anyone can deny that someone who can throw a flawless round off back handspring full is a badass athlete.

#3. Jumps. Oh, cheer deniers, you’re right . . . throwing hyper-extended jumps requires absolutely no athletic prowess. 

Please – I’d love to see a volleyball player do one of these. It takes flexibility and tremendous strength in your legs, abs, and hip flexors to be able to hurl your body off the ground and whip your legs up like this.

I rest my case.


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