Newsflash: You look like an idiot.

I recently stumbled upon this on Pinterest:

Well, my friends… not only do you feel stupid when you make cheer facials, you also look stupid.

*Gasp* Did a cheer coach just admonish the use of facials?! Why yes, yes, I did. I hated facials when I was a cheerleader and I hate them even more as a coach. In my opinion, a nice toothy smile is enough–there is no need for absurd facial expressions.

Facials do not make you look spirited. They do not make you look cute. They do not make you look like you have an attitude. They make you look like a moron.

Do you disagree with me? Well, then take a look at these pictures of the most common cheer facials.

I think that this picture speaks for itself, but I’ll comment on it anyway. The “cheer smile.” Wow, that sure is adorable, isn’t it? No, it most certainly is not. It makes you look like a psychotic horse. Or someone who is super excited that they just got their braces removed.

Oh, boy. Where do I begin with this one? I think the center cheerleader is using what it probably the most common facial, which I call “the shocker.” I understand this facial, because you think it says, “Wow, aren’t you amazed that I just did that sweet stunt/tumble pass/whatever?!” In reality, it looks like you just found out that your favorite TV show has been canceled.

The girl to the left, of course, is doing the classic “winky face.” You don’t look sassy; you look like a bug just flew into your eye.

And, last but not least, the girl in the center back is doing the “kissy face.” No one will want to kiss you with that expression on your face, sweet pea. You look like a duck who just ate a War Head.